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Why is Seal Coating the Best Commercial Property Asphalt Protection?

Commercial asphalt protection is key to keeping a parking lot a prime piece of curb appeal for passerby and incoming customers. Although asphalt is a strong material, regular use by heavy vehicles and exposure to unpredictable weather can quickly leave it in shambles if it isn’t properly protected.

Here’s a look at why seal coating is the best option for your commercial property asphalt and how an investment in a reliable seal coating provider combined with a local porter service can bring your property so much more than a functional parking lot.

What is Seal Coating?

Seal coating is a liquid layer of protection that is spread across asphalt and pavement. It essentially seals the asphalt and prevents it from weather damage, and the wear and tear of excessive use.

Commercial property owners can use seal coating services to protect their exterior investment and benefit from these other benefits that come with this extra care for your pavement.

Seal Coat Extends the Life of Your Pavement

Your parking lot is constantly exposed to rainfall, vehicle fluids, and UV rays that can easily weaken its pavement and lead to expensive repairs.

For example, auto fluids alone can wreak havoc on an unsealed parking lot. As cars continue to use a lot, oil and gas will leak onto your asphalt, eventually seeping into the surface. This softens your pavement and creates premature cracks that cannot be reversed outside of repairs.

Seal coating forces contaminants to roll off of your pavement and allows your parking lot’s asphalt to extend its total lifetime by a few years.

It is a Simple Maintenance Job

One of the most impressive facts about seal coating is that it’s a relatively low-maintenance protection plan. As a commercial property manager, all you have to do is reach out to a local service provider and express your desire for seal coating protection.

Although Integrity Porter & Services don’t personally offer seal coating services, we have built reliable business relationships over the years with professionals we trust to help our clients get the asphalt protection they need.

Once the team has completed their services, your parking lot is effectively protected for at least one to three years, depending on the age of your lot and the amount of regular maintenance you put into keeping your asphalt clean.

It Makes Your Commercial Property Look Great!

When seal coating is applied to your parking lot, it goes on in a dark color that really brings out the visual appeal of your asphalt. Combine this with a fresh coat of paint to really make your parking lot striping pop, and your parking lot could easily become one of the most welcoming lots in the neighborhood.

Aside from having a great-looking parking lot, the clearer parking lines will also help control your parking lot’s traffic and increase the overall safety of your property.

Seal Coating Helps Us Make Our Services More Effective

As we’ve mentioned, seal coating isn’t one of the services we offer, but it’s essential to helping our services exceed our customer’s expectations. When you get your asphalt seal coated, everything we do to your parking lot has greater results.

Seal coating helps us in the following ways:

  • Our street sweeping services are more effective. When cracks are sealed, nothing gets past our high-tech equipment.
  • The dark color of seal coating makes our striping and handicap labeling stand out and keeps your lot safer than ever.
  • Seal coating allows us to more effectively pressure wash your parking lot without the threat of weakening your asphalt.

Protect Your Total Commercial Investment with Integrity Porter & Services

If you are a commercial property manager that wants their building to look its best from the inside, out, Integrity Porter & Services is here to help. We know that your parking lot is the first piece of your property that new visitors experience.

That’s why our porters ensure that your lot remains striped, has appropriate ADA signage, and is always in pristine condition.

Trust us to address any and every need your parking lot or building exterior requires. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get your building on our schedule.

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Top Reasons Why Your Parking Lot Needs Effective Curb Stops

We’ve said it before and will always stand by this statement: Your parking lot is the first impression that tenants and guests will have of your commercial property.

While it’s important to keep the lot well-maintained and clear of debris, one of the biggest improvements a manager can make in their parking lot is the installation of curb stops.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest reasons why so many commercial property owners install curb stops of all types throughout their property’s parking lots.

They Make Your Parking Lot Safer

Parking stops and curb stops installed in your parking lot simply make your property safer. Parking stops reduce the risk of parking cars injuring pedestrians walking around the lot. Curb stops also help your building avoid property damage by signaling to drivers that their presence means it’s time to slow down.

Your parking lot should be a slow-moving area where drivers and pedestrians can cohabitate. Curb stops and parking stops make this harmony happen.

Curb Stops Are Visually Versatile

While there is always the option of installing a plain concrete curb stop, sometimes this isn’t the best way to promote visual attraction amongst drivers and pedestrians. You want your curb and parking stops to instantly stick out to guests.

Fortunately, curb stops can be ordered in numerous colors that range from solid colors to bright colors combined with reflective white stripes.

Curb Stops Are Easy to Install

Curb stops vary in weight. However, with the right team behind curb stop installation, they can be quickly installed without the threat of damage to your property.

Integrity Porter & Services installs a variety of curb stops that range between rubber and concrete materials. Our team will work with any curb stop design that a client wants for their property and make sure that their parking lot becomes a safer place for pedestrians and drivers.

Curb Stops Are Durable

One of the biggest advantages of installing curb stops is that they are very durable solutions for improving the safety of a parking lot. Parking stops visually stand out to drivers and force them to ease into parking spaces in order to avoid damaging their vehicles.

However, even if an incident occurs, concrete and rubber curb stops can physically take a hit and prevent any extensive damage to your property.

Keep Your Parking Lot a Safe Space with Integrity Porter & Services

If you’re ready to make some vast improvements to your property’s parking lot, Integrity Porter & Services can help! Our experienced porter team can plan out the right amount of curb stops and maintenance services that guarantee your property will meet your safety and beauty standards.

Parking lots aren’t our only specialty with commercial properties. Our team can do it all. From make-ready improvements to quick bulk trash removal, our porter crew is ready to go above and beyond for your property.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a preliminary inspection of your property.

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What Are the Qualities of a Premier Parking Lot Sweeping Service?

Your parking lot is one of the first visual judgements that customers and new tenants will have about your property. So, you’ll want a sweeping service that keeps your parking lot and surrounding areas as clean as possible.

Sweeper truck services are an essential part of commercial property maintenance. However, there are several options of services for property managers and not all of them are going to be a perfect fit.

If you are a property manager looking for a sweeper truck service, here are some of the top qualities that you should consider before signing a contract with a company.

A Company Shouldn’t Just Sweep

Sweeping away dirt and debris should be the minimum service provided by a reputable sweeper truck company. When paying for such an important service, the minimum should never be your end goal.

At Integrity Porter & Services, we don’t just sweep dirt off of your property. Trust our street sweepers to:

    Effectively remove debris and rubble

    Remove litter and trash from your property

    Provide cleaning of light fluid stains and oil spills

Don’t settle for a team that cuts corners, but one that is determined to prove why they are the best street sweeping service in Dallas.

Full Professionalism

Your street sweeper team should become a trusted member of your management team, not just a group of people that come around and clean every so often. You’ll want a team that is dedicated to complete professionalism and keeps their eye out for any maintenance issues they notice while performing their services.

At Integrity Porter & Services, we take pride in becoming a partner with your management team. Trust us to stay on the lookout for:

    Faded parking lot stripes


    Misused parking spaces

    General conditions of your lot

If we find anything wrong, we will let you know, and do everything in our power to help your property correct any issues.

Licenses and Insurance is a Must

Never hire a service that is not licensed or insured. Street sweeping involves heavy and at times, dangerous machinery. So you’ll want to ensure that the business you work with is covered and that their employees are trained to efficiently operate the equipment necessary to complete the job.

Superior Street Sweeping

Finally, you want a company that has equipment with the power behind it to get your property in pristine condition. Our sweeper truck services, implement high-powered sweeper trucks that perform their duties with precision and accuracy that exemplifies the excellence we stand for.

Our sweeper trucks:

    Feature highly efficient dust systems

    Heavy-duty suction

    56 horsepower auxiliary engine

Experience Superior Parking LotnSweeping Services From Integrity Porter & Services

Integrity Porter & Services is a porter company that truly believes in going above and beyond for the properties that we service. With our services we help you maintain even the tightest designed parking lots, and ensure that your area remains clean and clear for future visitors.

If you’re ready to have a porter team that has your management’s best interests in mind, we’re ready to meet you. Contact us today to learn more about our services and scheduling.

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Top Reasons Why Your Property Needs Porter Services

In order for a commercial property to always be at its best, several teams must work together on its exterior and interior presentation. One of the key services your property needs to invest in is porter services.

Porter services often get mistaken for janitorial services but really, we bring a more detailed effort of property management to your location. If you think you just need janitorial services and not porter services, think again. Here are some of the most important reasons why your property needs porter services in conjunction with other teams you hire for property maintenance.

Porter Services Create a Great First Impression

Porter services focus on the exterior look of your property. Trust us to keep your sidewalks hot pressure washed, trash off of your property and your parking lots street swept.

All of the work we do for our clients contributes to creating an amazing first impression. A clean building is a safe building that allows customers and employees to feel comfortable and confident with the company they do business with.

We Get Your Space Ready for New Tenants

Our porter services even extend to deeper needs of our clients. When tenants move out, they won’t always leave your space ready for you to show off as a rental.

A dedicated porter company like us will provide make-ready services that make any unit move-in ready. From floor refinishing to complete renovations to meet a new tenant’s specific needs, our porter services go above and beyond for our clients.

Your Parking Lot Becomes Safer

A commercial space’s parking lot can take a lot of wear and tear. From the natural elements to constant vehicular use, cracks and risk can arise if a parking lot isn’t well-maintained. Porter services utilize high powered street sweeping equipment that keeps your parking lot clean and protected from avoidable damage.

Some benefits of sweeper truck services from porter companies include:

● Parking lot debris removal
● Capabilities of cleaning large shopping centers
● Environmentally-friendly equipment

Aside from street sweeping, porter services can also be utilized to touch up or add parking lot stripes and signage. Safety and cleanliness are the goal with porter services, and we know that an excellent experience starts with a navigable and safe parking lot.

Improved Property Value

Not only is your parking lot exposed to the exterior elements but so is your building itself. Without proper maintenance like pressure washing, your building would begin to deteriorate prematurely. This type of damage is irreversible and expensive to repair, so as a whole your property value would deteriorate as well.

However, with porter services in place, the exterior of your building is completely protected from the day-to-day debris and dust that eat away at it’s integrity. Add on years and property value to your location with the help of Integrity Porter & Services.

Perfect Your Property Today With Integrity Porter & Services

If you’re ready to turn your commercial property into an inviting and beautiful location for renters and guests, Integrity Porter & Services has the experience and equipment to efficiently get the job done.

With Integrity, you get much more than customized porter services. We offer:

● Sweeper Truck Services
● Bulk Trash Removal
● Pressure Washing
● Parking Lot Striping
● Make-Ready Services, and more!

We work closely with property management and serve as your eyes and ears at the maintenance level as far as your building’s needs are concerned. We’re ready to become a partner with your management team. Contact us today to learn more about scheduling our services.

Parking Lot Striping

Top Reasons Why You Should Paint or Stripe Your Parking Lot

Even though your parking lot is seen more as an extension to your commercial property, it still requires a fair amount of maintenance and care. After all, it’s the first introduction to your business, so if you have a faded, or mispainted parking lot, you’ve already got some negative hits against the integrity of your company.

However, looks aren’t the only reason why you should stay on top of your parking lot striping. Here are some key reasons why you should constantly check your parking lot’s paint job.

A Clean Aesthetic

One of the first things a guest at a commercial property notices is the state of its parking lot. So, do you want a faded, beaten up look, or one that is vibrant, clear, and shows that you care about your company?

No matter your brand or industry, the presentation of your parking lot matters, and a porter company can help you ensure that your lines are always clear and able to direct your customers to their appropriate parking destinations.

Customer Safety

Striping your parking spaces isn’t the only aspect of your lot that parking lot striping services can assist you with. A well-painted parking lot helps keep your guests safe.

A fresh paint job with proper visual messaging not only directs the flow of traffic in your parking lot, but it can also show guests where they can safely place shopping carts and cross through the parking lot into your establishment.

Liability Reduction

If a vehicular collision occurs in your parking lot, or if a pedestrian is injured due to poor paint and striping, your business is the party at fault. By regularly keeping your parking lot updated, you’ll be able to easily control the flow of traffic and ensure that navigation without collision is a possibility.

The best part about striping services is the fact that they increase the safety of your lot’s traffic without eating too much of your maintenance budget. Invest now, and avoid costly lawsuits later.

Keeping Your Property ADA Compliant

No matter your business, your parking lot needs to remain compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act. Compliance with the ADA means that based on the size of your parking lot, there should be a reserved amount of parking for handicapped customers.

Remember, these marked spaces aren’t just a convenience, they’re the law. Our team can help you create the legal amount of handicapped spaces as well as ensure you’ve met the requirements for accessible handicap van spaces for your lot.

Fire Code Compliance

Another legal hurdle your parking lot needs to overcome is being able to meet local fire code compliance. Every property’s lot has one, and yours must follow it for the safety of those on your property. Get your fire lanes painted vibrantly and clearly and ensure that your parking lot is a help and not a hindrance in the case of a fire emergency.

Perfect Your Parking Lot With Integrity Porter & Service

At Integrity Porter & Services we know how much you care about the exterior of your commercial property. That’s why we specialize in providing exclusive services like parking lot striping and pressure washing to businesses like yours that believe in customer satisfaction from the moment they set foot on the lot. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get your property scheduled for maintenance done with integrity at the forefront.