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What Are the Qualities of a Premier Parking Lot Sweeping Service?

Your parking lot is one of the first visual judgements that customers and new tenants will have about your property. So, you’ll want a sweeping service that keeps your parking lot and surrounding areas as clean as possible.

Sweeper truck services are an essential part of commercial property maintenance. However, there are several options of services for property managers and not all of them are going to be a perfect fit.

If you are a property manager looking for a sweeper truck service, here are some of the top qualities that you should consider before signing a contract with a company.

A Company Shouldn’t Just Sweep

Sweeping away dirt and debris should be the minimum service provided by a reputable sweeper truck company. When paying for such an important service, the minimum should never be your end goal.

At Integrity Porter & Services, we don’t just sweep dirt off of your property. Trust our street sweepers to:

    Effectively remove debris and rubble

    Remove litter and trash from your property

    Provide cleaning of light fluid stains and oil spills

Don’t settle for a team that cuts corners, but one that is determined to prove why they are the best street sweeping service in Dallas.

Full Professionalism

Your street sweeper team should become a trusted member of your management team, not just a group of people that come around and clean every so often. You’ll want a team that is dedicated to complete professionalism and keeps their eye out for any maintenance issues they notice while performing their services.

At Integrity Porter & Services, we take pride in becoming a partner with your management team. Trust us to stay on the lookout for:

    Faded parking lot stripes


    Misused parking spaces

    General conditions of your lot

If we find anything wrong, we will let you know, and do everything in our power to help your property correct any issues.

Licenses and Insurance is a Must

Never hire a service that is not licensed or insured. Street sweeping involves heavy and at times, dangerous machinery. So you’ll want to ensure that the business you work with is covered and that their employees are trained to efficiently operate the equipment necessary to complete the job.

Superior Street Sweeping

Finally, you want a company that has equipment with the power behind it to get your property in pristine condition. Our sweeper truck services, implement high-powered sweeper trucks that perform their duties with precision and accuracy that exemplifies the excellence we stand for.

Our sweeper trucks:

    Feature highly efficient dust systems

    Heavy-duty suction

    56 horsepower auxiliary engine

Experience Superior Parking LotnSweeping Services From Integrity Porter & Services

Integrity Porter & Services is a porter company that truly believes in going above and beyond for the properties that we service. With our services we help you maintain even the tightest designed parking lots, and ensure that your area remains clean and clear for future visitors.

If you’re ready to have a porter team that has your management’s best interests in mind, we’re ready to meet you. Contact us today to learn more about our services and scheduling.



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