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How to Keep Birds Away From Your Commercial Property

Although nature is a beautiful thing, flying wildlife is something that you don’t generally want hanging around your commercial property. Not only can birds fowl up your property, damage roof shingles, and corrode your actual building, but they also pose a major health threat to your employees and customers.

Here’s a look at how professional porter services can help keep your property clean and bird-free without creating any eyesores that impact your curb appeal.

Signs You Need Bird Prevention Services

Starlings, Pigeons, and Sparrows are the most common birds that enjoy nesting within the cavities within your building’s rooftop and gutter systems. While you may see these birds flutter in and around the exterior of your building, it’s always best to double-check that your building is, in fact, suffering from a bird infestation.

Some of the telltale signs that you need bird exclusion and prevention include the following:

  • Birds consistently resting on your rooftop, wires, or ledges
  • Hearing the cries of baby chicks around your property
  • Signs of actual nesting on your property
  • Blocked gutters from bird nesting
  • Ruined equipment and product from fowling

How Can Integrity Porter & Services Get Your Property Bird-Free?

Many other porter services may present bird prevention solutions like bird netting and bird scares as bird prevention tactics. These solutions are both a distraction from your building’s beauty and not a guaranteed way to keep essential areas of your property bird-free.

Integrity Porter & Services understands that your building should be both beautiful and functional. Our solution involves an out-of-sight, out-of-mind installation of bird spikes.

We strategically place your bird spikes throughout your property so they are virtually invisible to your customers. We’ve practiced this form of bird deterrent for years, and can guarantee that it’s one of the most effective ways to steer birds away from your property.

100 Percent Stainless Steel 

Our bird spikes are stainless steel which means that they’ll hold up to the test of time against bird waste and weathering corrosion. Our bird prevention services come with a satisfaction guarantee that ensures your building and products are protected from bird infestation damage.

Quick Installation

Our porter team is experienced in helping your building look its best without interfering with the daily operations of your business. Trust us to install your bird spikes and clear out problem areas quickly and efficiently so that you can start to experience a bird-free environment as soon as possible.

Free Estimates

One of the biggest perks of working with us is that we provide the highest quality work at affordable prices. When you approach us with your need for bird prevention, our team will gladly perform a free estimate and quickly help you organize the project and schedule an installation at your earliest convenience.

Experience a Cleaner Commercial Property with Integrity Porter & Services

If you’ve discovered a bird infestation on your commercial property, don’t let the hazards birds cause persist. Reach out to the bird prevention experts of Integrity Porter & Services. We have over 18 years of experience providing successful bird prevention and related porter services. Contact us and we can help you make your commercial property be the best it can be.



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