Make-Ready Services With Integrity Porter & Services

At Integrity Porter & Services, we aim to keep the perimeter of our customer’s commercial property as ready as ever for new visitors. In fact, new tenants and visitors are what our make-ready services are all about.

Our make-ready services are the perfect solution for the property owner who is ready to start renting out space to tenants and needs their property as clean as possible. We are the professionals who help bring a fresh coat of clean to a well-loved property.

Warehouse working sweeping concrete floor with dust mop.

How Can Make-Ready Services Help Your Property?

Getting a property prepped for a showing is extensive work that requires an eye for detail. However, we know that most property managers are very busy with day-to-day management operations.

So, if you need a space prepped for your next tenant, that’s where we, the professionals, come in. Our attention to the specifics within move in and move out services is what really makes the difference in a beautiful piece of property.

Our make-ready services aren’t just for readying a property for business rental. We can also help with:

  • Cleaning an already rented space prior to new tenant arrival
  • Getting your space move-in ready
  • Final cleanings as a tenant move outs
Construction worker braking the wall with machine

Experience a Full Demo of the Success We Deliver

Remember, not all “new” properties come rental-ready. If you are a property manager that has recently invested in a new property to rent out that needs more than average attention, now is your chance to:

  • Experience our full property services
  • Create a completely clean slate for your new property
  • Find out why we are trusted to maintain commercial properties across the Dallas-Fort Worth area
Construction Worker Using a Sledgehammer to Remove Wall Stud

Integrity Porter & Services Gets Your Property Ready for the Next Step!

Having to clean a property before or after a move can be stressful for a tenant and the management company trying to prep space. Let Integrity Porter & Services take the stress of make-ready off of your hands, while also giving you a full demonstration of the efficiency we offer. Contact us today to learn more about our property services and how we’ve successfully helped businesses like yours.

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The professionals at Integrity Porter & Services are dedicated to boosting the curb appeal of your commercial property.

Our team has the experience, equipment and obvious integrity to get any maintenance job on your property perfected the first time around.

We worry about the maintenance of your business so you can focus on the day-to-day duties you’re responsible for.


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