Professional Porter Services in Dallas-Fort Worth

With Integrity Porter & Services on your side, our team of porters are ready to make a difference on your commercial property! With our trusted services, your tenants and patrons can always expect to enjoy a well-kept property.


Sweep and Blow Storefronts

Even though you may manage a great shopping center, we guarantee that your storefronts and sidewalks can get a little grimy over time. Trust us to keep your property looking its best as our experts sweep and blow your storefronts, sidewalks and curb stops of your location.


Empty & Clean Trash Receptacles

Commercial trash receptacles can quickly fill up, creating an unsightly and odorous mess on your property. Our porter services ensure that your trash receptacles are emptied and cleaned daily, in order to meet the sanitary requirements of your property.


Trash Removal

Our trash removal services don’t just stop at your general receptacles. We are a team of maintenance professionals that also ensure your landscape, parking lot and dumpsters remain clean and free of trash buildup that taints your property’s curb appeal.


Cobweb Removal

Cobwebs could give off the wrong signals to your customers. Most people associate these dust clumps with abandoned buildings that they want no part of. Our team understands the importance of detail and will help you ensure that every corner of your commercial building is cobweb free and looking its best.


Window Mullion Cleaning

Not only do we do windows, but we also help keep the mullions of your windows looking as sharp as ever. Mullions are usually a decorative addition to a window, so we believe it’s only right that they get to shine with the rest of your building’s decorative aspects.


Direct Contact With Property Manager

When you hire Integrity Porter and Services, your business gains a team member. We make it our duty to stay in close contact with property management and report any maintenance or security issues that require looking into.


Sweeper Truck Services

Any public road or parking lot will eventually start to get dirty over time. From regular traffic to heavy-duty garbage trucks and 18-wheelers, the streets and parking lots that make up your commercial property really take a beating. We utilize high powered sweeper trucks that offer additional precision to manual portering. Our TYMCO 210 sweeper trucks feature highly efficient dust control systems, heavy-duty pick up and suction, and 56 horsepower auxiliary engines that make any job possible!

Tailored Porter Services to Meet Your Needs

Just as every commercial property varies in size, they also vary in their cleaning requirements. We are happy to accommodate specific needs to ensure your complete satisfaction. With our dedicated teammates, experience, and equipment, we can guarantee your properties will be well maintained under our supervision. 


 We Inspect!

 Thorough property inspections are conducted monthly when you contract with Integrity Porter & Services. This ensures that your property is being maintained to the highest standard. Not only do routine inspections serve as a way of upholding the INTEGRITY of our service, but they also provide a way to assist property managers in staying aware of potential maintenance issues as they arise. As a team, we are proud to say that we walk hand-in-hand with property managers and provide a second set of eyes and feet on the ground on a regular basis.

Benefit from Our 24/7 Porter Services

We offer an emergency line that is open 24 hours a day. We will respond to any emergency issues that occur at your property, no matter when you need us. If your commercial property needs an expert touch for maintenance, rely on our team  to get the job done with integrity! Contact us today to get your property on our schedule!

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