About Us

Integrity Porter & Services has been in the business of Premier Commercial Property Maintenance since 2002. We specialize in a wide variety of Property Maintenance Services that range from customized porter services, pressure washing, striping and a variety of commercial maintenance services, and standard exterior sweeping.

It’s in Our Name!

We have boosted the curb appeal of commercial properties large and small across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and are always ready to take on the next challenge presented to us. Our team has the equipment and experience to make each service we perform a success for our clients.

Besides our dedication to a job well done, we live up to our standards through:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Rapid response time
  • Efficient, quick job completion
  • Free quotes
  • Competitive and fair pricing

Working with Integrity Porter & Services means you’re getting the best effort from every member of our team; and that’s why we’re confident in giving each of our clients a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

We know that hiring a third-party team can be an uneasy experience unless a client knows they are covered in the case of an accident. Integrity Porter & Services maintains insurance for our team and equipment so that the only thing our clients need to be concerned with is how well we perform our services.

Insured to Give You Piece of Mind

24/7 Emergency Services

We’re here for you night and day and understand that emergencies happen. When your property needs unexpected bulk pickup or new striping for your parking spaces, Integrity Porter & Services is just a phone call away.

Meet The Executive Team!



Mike Worley stands as the visionary Founder and Consultant at the helm of Integrity Porter & Services, a company he established in 2002 with a commitment to excellence. From its humble beginnings providing porter services for small shopping centers under Gregory Commercial, Mike's unwavering belief in delivering unparalleled service set the foundation for the company's success. Determined to be the best in the business, Mike's ethos centered around providing a consistently high level of service. He firmly believed that quality service was non-negotiable, and this principle propelled Integrity's growth. As the portfolio expanded, Mike brought his two sons, Michael and Edmund, into the fold, marking the beginning of a family-driven success story. Integrity's journey saw remarkable growth, evolving beyond porter services to include pressure washing and parking lot striping, catering to over 370 commercial facilities across the expansive DFW Metroplex. Mike's commitment to excellence and family values saw the recruitment of the rest of his family – daughter Rabecca and son-in-law Brian – in 2018. Their collective efforts introduced operational systems that laid the groundwork for further expansion. With Mike's guidance, Integrity's leadership seamlessly transitioned to the capable hands of his children. Edmund, Michael, Rabecca, and Brian proved their prowess in navigating the company's course. Mike, confident in their abilities, bestowed majority ownership upon them, allowing him to step back from day-to-day operations. Now, Mike indulges in his passions—playing golf and traveling with his wife, Esperanza—confident that Integrity Porter & Services is in capable hands.


Edmund stands as the Operations Manager and a Managing Partner, a key architect of success at Integrity Porter & Services. With an impressive 18-year journey, he has contributed tirelessly to the family-owned enterprise, leaving an indelible mark on its growth and development. A brief stint at Texas Tech University to pursue a graphic design degree showcased Edmund's commitment to personal growth. However, his passion for the family legacy pulled him back into the fold, eager to contribute to the ongoing success of the business. Edmund's return marked a pivotal moment, propelling the company to its current heights. His leadership journey has seen him finely tune the art of leading teams and fostering an environment where a shared vision thrives. Edmund recognizes that a thriving business is built on a foundation of team members who share his unwavering commitment to customer service. The distinctive service offered by Integrity Porter & Services has become synonymous with excellence, setting a standard that competitors find hard to match. Customers have come to expect unparalleled service, and these high standards have become the cornerstone of the business. Edmund envisions a continual evolution to perfect the services provided, ensuring that each customer experience surpasses expectations. His lifelong goal for the company echoes the very essence of its name – Integrity. To him, it means "always doing what's right even when no one is looking," a principle he is determined to uphold and embed in the company's DNA. In the ever-evolving landscape of Integrity Porter & Services, Edmund's dedication ensures that the company not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its customers, building a legacy rooted in the values encapsulated in its very name.


Michael P. Worley, II, a dynamic professional with a passion for project management, currently serves as the Projects Manager and Managing Partner at Integrity Porter & Services. Embarking on his journey with the family-owned business in 2010, Michael demonstrated his commitment by dedicating time after school and weekends. Following his graduation from Allen High School, he seamlessly transitioned into a full-time role, simultaneously earning his degree through sweat equity. Michael's hands-on approach involved collaborating with seasoned professionals, who imparted invaluable skills for handling a diverse range of projects and services. His relentless focus on scheduling and completing tasks promptly has become instrumental in the company's success and ongoing expansion. Driven by diligence, professionalism, and a deep sense of pride, Michael strives to uphold the highest standards in every endeavor. His goal is not only to ensure the company's success but also to establish a lasting business legacy that guarantees employees and customers a reliable partner. Beyond his professional pursuits, Michael finds joy in his personal life. When not immersed in work or quality time with his beautiful bride, he delights in leisurely days on the golf course or cherished moments with family. With a firm belief in integrity as the cornerstone of success, Michael is dedicated to perpetuating the values instilled by his father within himself, his siblings, and the entire staff.


Rabecca Holifield, serving as the dedicated Account Manager at Integrity Porter & Services since 2019, brings a wealth of experience and academic achievement to the team. Before joining Integrity, she navigated the realm of Property Management while completing her master’s degree in social work at The University of Texas at Arlington. Rabecca's professional journey is a testament to her ambition and relentless drive to advance her career. She possesses an innate excitement for learning and embraces new challenges with enthusiasm. Her exceptional organizational and communication skills have been instrumental in significantly impacting the growth of Integrity Porter & Services. When not immersed in her work, Rabecca finds joy in the company of her husband, Brian Holifield, a fellow member of the Integrity team, and their two goldendoodles, Rye and Kobe. Her interests extend to long bike rides, invigorating workouts with friends, and engaging in home improvement projects. Beyond her current achievements, Rabecca eagerly anticipates both expanding her family and advancing her career in the years to come. With a perfect blend of professional dedication and personal aspirations, Rabecca Holifield embodies the vibrant spirit that propels Integrity Porter & Services forward.


Esperanza Worley, the heart and soul of our family-owned enterprise, currently serves as the Office Manager and Mentor, weaving a tapestry of wisdom and experience into our operations. With an illustrious 26-year tenure as a public servant for The Honorable Eddie Bernice Johnson, Esperanza transitioned seamlessly into the dynamic realm of our business, joining forces with her husband and children. In her role, she not only manages the office intricacies but also serves as a guiding force and mentor to the entire team. Witnessing the work ethic, morals, and values of her young adult children reflected in every business decision is the pinnacle of Esperanza's extensive career. The alignment of family values with professional endeavors is, for her, the most rewarding chapter in this lifelong journey. Anticipating the dawn of the next generation, her grandchildren, Esperanza eagerly looks forward to imparting the same enduring values that have been the bedrock of our family and business. With each passing day, she continues to shape the legacy of our company, nurturing a culture that echoes the principles she holds dear. Esperanza Worley embodies not just the spirit of a mentor but the heartbeat of a family-driven business that thrives on shared values and unwavering dedication.
Brian 2


Brian Holifield, the adept Finance Manager at Integrity Porter & Services, has been a pivotal force since joining the team in 2018. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Brian's motivation and drive fuel the ongoing growth of Integrity. His proficiency extends across all financial aspects of the business, and he seamlessly lends his expertise to assist in porter operations. A catalyst for innovation, Brian has implemented strategic systems that have played a crucial role in facilitating the continuous expansion of Integrity Porter & Services. His commitment to excellence shines through in every financial endeavor, contributing to the company's success. Outside the realm of finance, Brian finds joy in the company of his wife, Rabecca Holifield, and their two canine companions. His interests span from the exhilaration of watching football to the invigorating pursuit of fitness, as well as engaging in creative projects around the house. Looking towards the future, Brian and Rabecca are thrilled about the prospect of expanding their family in the upcoming years. With an unwavering dedication to both professional and personal growth, Brian Holifield stands as a testament to the dynamic spirit propelling Integrity Porter & Services forward.

Meet Our Field Leadership




Alfredo joined the company in 2018. He brought his hard work ethic and ability to quickly adapt to daily projects. He was made a Team Leader in 2019 and has proven to uphold Integrity’s quality standards. He has developed a variety of skills in property maintenance and an effective way to train new employees.


Daniel joined the company in 2017.  He brought with him managerial experience from his prior work and was quickly placed as a Supervisor over Route Operations. His supervision of the south jurisdiction has proven to be an integral asset to the Integrity team. He has proven to uphold our company’s philosophy and we are proud to have him as a member of our Managerial Staff.



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