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Top Reasons Why Your Parking Lot Needs Effective Curb Stops

We’ve said it before and will always stand by this statement: Your parking lot is the first impression that tenants and guests will have of your commercial property.

While it’s important to keep the lot well-maintained and clear of debris, one of the biggest improvements a manager can make in their parking lot is the installation of curb stops.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest reasons why so many commercial property owners install curb stops of all types throughout their property’s parking lots.

They Make Your Parking Lot Safer

Parking stops and curb stops installed in your parking lot simply make your property safer. Parking stops reduce the risk of parking cars injuring pedestrians walking around the lot. Curb stops also help your building avoid property damage by signaling to drivers that their presence means it’s time to slow down.

Your parking lot should be a slow-moving area where drivers and pedestrians can cohabitate. Curb stops and parking stops make this harmony happen.

Curb Stops Are Visually Versatile

While there is always the option of installing a plain concrete curb stop, sometimes this isn’t the best way to promote visual attraction amongst drivers and pedestrians. You want your curb and parking stops to instantly stick out to guests.

Fortunately, curb stops can be ordered in numerous colors that range from solid colors to bright colors combined with reflective white stripes.

Curb Stops Are Easy to Install

Curb stops vary in weight. However, with the right team behind curb stop installation, they can be quickly installed without the threat of damage to your property.

Integrity Porter & Services installs a variety of curb stops that range between rubber and concrete materials. Our team will work with any curb stop design that a client wants for their property and make sure that their parking lot becomes a safer place for pedestrians and drivers.

Curb Stops Are Durable

One of the biggest advantages of installing curb stops is that they are very durable solutions for improving the safety of a parking lot. Parking stops visually stand out to drivers and force them to ease into parking spaces in order to avoid damaging their vehicles.

However, even if an incident occurs, concrete and rubber curb stops can physically take a hit and prevent any extensive damage to your property.

Keep Your Parking Lot a Safe Space with Integrity Porter & Services

If you’re ready to make some vast improvements to your property’s parking lot, Integrity Porter & Services can help! Our experienced porter team can plan out the right amount of curb stops and maintenance services that guarantee your property will meet your safety and beauty standards.

Parking lots aren’t our only specialty with commercial properties. Our team can do it all. From make-ready improvements to quick bulk trash removal, our porter crew is ready to go above and beyond for your property.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a preliminary inspection of your property.



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