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Top Reasons Why You Should Paint or Stripe Your Parking Lot

Even though your parking lot is seen more as an extension to your commercial property, it still requires a fair amount of maintenance and care. After all, it’s the first introduction to your business, so if you have a faded, or mispainted parking lot, you’ve already got some negative hits against the integrity of your company.

However, looks aren’t the only reason why you should stay on top of your parking lot striping. Here are some key reasons why you should constantly check your parking lot’s paint job.

A Clean Aesthetic

One of the first things a guest at a commercial property notices is the state of its parking lot. So, do you want a faded, beaten up look, or one that is vibrant, clear, and shows that you care about your company?

No matter your brand or industry, the presentation of your parking lot matters, and a porter company can help you ensure that your lines are always clear and able to direct your customers to their appropriate parking destinations.

Customer Safety

Striping your parking spaces isn’t the only aspect of your lot that parking lot striping services can assist you with. A well-painted parking lot helps keep your guests safe.

A fresh paint job with proper visual messaging not only directs the flow of traffic in your parking lot, but it can also show guests where they can safely place shopping carts and cross through the parking lot into your establishment.

Liability Reduction

If a vehicular collision occurs in your parking lot, or if a pedestrian is injured due to poor paint and striping, your business is the party at fault. By regularly keeping your parking lot updated, you’ll be able to easily control the flow of traffic and ensure that navigation without collision is a possibility.

The best part about striping services is the fact that they increase the safety of your lot’s traffic without eating too much of your maintenance budget. Invest now, and avoid costly lawsuits later.

Keeping Your Property ADA Compliant

No matter your business, your parking lot needs to remain compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act. Compliance with the ADA means that based on the size of your parking lot, there should be a reserved amount of parking for handicapped customers.

Remember, these marked spaces aren’t just a convenience, they’re the law. Our team can help you create the legal amount of handicapped spaces as well as ensure you’ve met the requirements for accessible handicap van spaces for your lot.

Fire Code Compliance

Another legal hurdle your parking lot needs to overcome is being able to meet local fire code compliance. Every property’s lot has one, and yours must follow it for the safety of those on your property. Get your fire lanes painted vibrantly and clearly and ensure that your parking lot is a help and not a hindrance in the case of a fire emergency.

Perfect Your Parking Lot With Integrity Porter & Service

At Integrity Porter & Services we know how much you care about the exterior of your commercial property. That’s why we specialize in providing exclusive services like parking lot striping and pressure washing to businesses like yours that believe in customer satisfaction from the moment they set foot on the lot. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get your property scheduled for maintenance done with integrity at the forefront.



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