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Top Reasons Why Your Property Needs Porter Services

In order for a commercial property to always be at its best, several teams must work together on its exterior and interior presentation. One of the key services your property needs to invest in is porter services.

Porter services often get mistaken for janitorial services but really, we bring a more detailed effort of property management to your location. If you think you just need janitorial services and not porter services, think again. Here are some of the most important reasons why your property needs porter services in conjunction with other teams you hire for property maintenance.

Porter Services Create a Great First Impression

Porter services focus on the exterior look of your property. Trust us to keep your sidewalks hot pressure washed, trash off of your property and your parking lots street swept.

All of the work we do for our clients contributes to creating an amazing first impression. A clean building is a safe building that allows customers and employees to feel comfortable and confident with the company they do business with.

We Get Your Space Ready for New Tenants

Our porter services even extend to deeper needs of our clients. When tenants move out, they won’t always leave your space ready for you to show off as a rental.

A dedicated porter company like us, will provide make-ready services that make any unit move-in ready. From floor refinishing to complete renovations to meet a new tenant’s specific needs, our porter services go above and beyond for our clients.

Your Parking Lot Becomes Safer

A commercial space’s parking lot can take a lot of wear and tear. From the natural elements to constant vehicular use, cracks and risk can arise if a parking lot isn’t well-maintained. Porter services utilize high powered street sweeping equipment that keeps your parking lot clean and protected from avoidable damage.

Some benefits of sweeper truck services from porter companies include:

● Parking lot debris removal
● Capabilities of cleaning large shopping centers
● Environmentally-friendly equipment

Aside from street sweeping, porter services can also be utilized to touch up or add parking lot stripes and signage. Safety and cleanliness are the goal with porter services, and we know that an excellent experience starts with a navigable and safe parking lot.

Improved Property Value

Not only is your parking lot exposed to the exterior elements but so is your building itself. Without proper maintenance like pressure washing, your building would begin to deteriorate prematurely. This type of damage is irreversible and expensive to repair, so as a whole your property value would deteriorate as well.

However, with porter services in place, the exterior of your building is completely protected from the day-to-day debris and dust that eat away at it’s integrity. Add on years and property value to your location with the help of Integrity Porter & Services.

Perfect Your Property Today With Integrity Porter & Services

If you’re ready to turn your commercial property into an inviting and beautiful location for renters and guests, Integrity Porter & Services has the experience and equipment to efficiently get the job done.

With Integrity, you get much more than customized porter services. We offer:

● Sweeper Truck Services
● Bulk Trash Removal
● Pressure Washing
● Parking Lot Striping
● Make-Ready Services, and more!

We work closely with property management and serve as your eyes and ears at the maintenance level as far as your building’s needs are concerned. We’re ready to become a partner with your management team. Contact us today to learn more about scheduling our services.



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