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Key Differences Between Porter Services and Janitors

Many people mistakenly believe that porter services and janitorial services are the same thing. While both positions focus on the visible improvement of commercial property, there are several differences between the two that we believe make them distinct from each other.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why you may need both porter services and a separate janitorial service for your building’s maintenance.

Porters Are the Eyes and Ears of Your Property Manager

Your porters work directly with property management to ensure that a commercial location is consistently clean, safe, and welcoming. Porters help managers recognize the needs a building has for excellent maintenance to be achieved.

From knowing when the sidewalk needs to be hot pressure washed, to making a parking lot safer with clear striping, your porters quickly become an extension of your most trusted and valuable staff. We will point out any maintenance or security needs to management and help find an efficient and affordable solution for your property.

Both Have Different Hours

Most janitorial services occur at night or during a set time frame. Porter services seem more constant because businesses like ours leave the door open 24/7 for commercial properties to meet any specialty needs.

Every job has unexpected twists and turns and porter services is no exception. If someone is illegally dumping on your property or causes other visible exterior damage, you need someone on your side that can be there to resolve a problem when you need it.

Trust janitors to perform their duties on their time, but rely on us to excel at our services on yours.

Porters Have More Extensive Services

Janitors are generally limited to cleaning interior surfaces, emptying out garbage bins and prepping a building for its next day of use. Porter services vary from the work that janitors provide.

Our industry focuses on the exterior of a commercial building and maintaining its visual and physical integrity at all times. Trust porter services to perform duties that exceed standard maintenance expectations. Some of the specialty services Integrity Porter & Services provide our clients with include:

● Sweeper Truck Services
● Window Mullion Cleaning
● Monthly Property Inspections, and more!

Porters Come With State of the Art Equipment

As porters, we understand that our services help preserve the value of a property. That’s why we ensure that every aspect of our work is performed with the highest quality equipment in our industry.

Our hot pressure washers have enough force to prevent future issues with your parking lot or entryways, saving business owners money in the long run.

We also use street sweepers that add an extra step of precision to the manual work we perform on the exterior of your property. Trust us to bring true integrity to every aspect of our work.

Experience Property Maintenance Excellence With Integrity Porter & Services

Integrity Porter & Services is ready to bring our efficiency to your property. Our team or expert porters can help make your property a welcoming and safe place for your staff and customers. Contact us today to learn more about our porter services and extended maintenance opportunities we offer to our clients.



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