4 Ways Make-Ready Services Can Improve Your Rental Space

Getting a rental space prepared on your commercial property can be a stressful situation for any property manager. After all, not every space is going to be even close to rental-ready, and some situations may even require extensive work to make the rental space a viable option for potential tenants.

Integrity Porter & Services is a Dallas-based company that helps property managers keep their commercial property looking its best at all times; even between tenants. Here’s a look at how our make-ready services can help you get your rental space ready to show off.

Freshen Up the Walls With a Coat of Paint

Sometimes cleaning up your rental space isn’t enough to bring in tenants on the hunt for a new office. Giving your property a visible facelift may help draw in the interest you need. Make-ready services can give your rental unit new life with a fresh coat of paint that gives your space a rejuvenated feeling. 

Help You Make a Literal Clean Slate

In a perfect world, tenants moving out of a commercial space will have thoroughly cleaned out the area for future renters. However, in the hustle and bustle of moving in the commercial world, not only do things get left behind, but standard cleaning practices can easily be forgotten.

As our society continues to hold cleanliness and sanitation up as a priority, make-ready services can help you ensure that your rental space is clean, germ-free, and ready to welcome new tenants who are ready to paint their business’ personality on a clean canvas. 

Some of the cleaning options that make-ready services offer include:

  • Bathroom disinfection
  • Cleaning of grease buildup in kitchen spaces
  • Carpet cleaning, and more! Just ask, and Integrity Porter & Services is ready to help!

Service Your Main Appliances

We want to make sure that your space’s appliances are ready to serve whoever begins working in the space once it’s rented out. Make-ready services ensure that appliances like HVAC units, stovetops, and hot water heaters are tested and serviced before the green light is given to rent out a space. 

Depending on the condition of your appliances, the team at Integrity Porter & Services can even make repairs to your units on an as-needed basis. We are true professionals in our field and want to make your rental space as welcoming and comfortable as possible for renters and the future customers they’ll have.

Hardwood Floor Restoration

Let’s face it, hardwood floors on commercial property can easily get scuffed up! Make-ready services allows you to forgo an expensive refinish and can get your wood floors looking new through our trusted restoration process. Give your office floors the visual appeal they deserve with the help of Integrity Porter & Services.

Get Your Space Rental Ready With Integrity Porter Services

Integrity Porter & Services knows that your commercial property always needs to be on its “A game.” That’s why we are always prepared to help our clients make their property look its best while they focus on the technical aspects of running a business.

From parking lot striping to general porter services, our experienced team excels at getting the job done right. If you need help getting a rental space prepared for new tenants, contact us today to schedule an on-site consultation.