Broken sewer pipe

Does your Commercial Property Have a Sewer Line Issue?

Sewer line issues can be one of the most problematic situations for any property owner. However, commercial property sewer lines can pose some widespread health issues if damage is left unattended.

Fortunately, Integrity Porter & Services offers our highly effective sewer gas detection and solution services. Trust us to keep your property safe and let our porters know if you find any of these red flags of a sewer line problem on your commercial property.

You Can Smell Sewer Gas on Your Property

If you start to smell a sewage-like smell coming from your building’s drains, this is a huge red flag that you may have a sewer line issue. If your piping is in good shape, there should never be any type of odor coming from its openings.

At the first sign of a strange odor in your building, let your porter service professional know so that effective and immediate action can be taken to clean up the problem.

Lush Lawn Spots

Although you may not be at the stage of smelling literal sewer gas, there is an exterior visual sign of a sewer line issue that you should be aware of. If your property has grass in its landscape, be on the lookout for extraordinarily green splotches.

Although your grass should always be green on your property, if there are uneven and bright shades of green on the lawn, it’s a sign that there is a collapse in your line and its water and waste have added an extra layer of fertilization.

Over time, this waste can make its way to the surface and create some serious health threats to your employees and customers.

Rodent Issues in Your Building

As gross as it sounds, rodents are attracted to the waste that oozes through your commercial property’s plumbing. In fact, they dwell amongst the sewers where waste drains out. However, if there is a crack in your sewer line, you can bet that rodents will find their way through and into your building.

So, if you notice a recent influx of rodent problems, after you’ve reached out to a pest control company, ask your porter services to look into a cracked sewer line as the source of your troubles.

Cracked Concrete Around the Property

If you have an older building and haven’t had your plumbing routinely inspected, you could be at risk for a severe sewer line problem. Even if you’ve managed to avoid mold, mildew, and gassy odors, an extreme sewer line issue could cause foundation problems that form cracks on your concrete or within your foundation.

We also recommend that you stay vigilant and look out for minor potholes that may form on your property or parking lot. These can signify a weakened foundation due to a severe sewer line problem.

Address Sewer Gas Issues Today with Integrity Porter & Services

Sewer gas issues can cause illness that can eventually lead to death if the problem becomes bad enough. However, with Integrity Porter & Services on your side, we can ensure that your property remains a healthy, happy, and clean place for business.

If you think you may have a lingering sewer gas issue or require premier Dallas porter services to keep the exterior of your property pristine, contact us today.

We’re eager to join your team and make your property the best that it can be!



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