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Why Does Your Commercial Roof Need Cleaning Services?

At Integrity Porter & Services, we talk a lot about how much the beautification of your commercial property matters to your customers and employees.

While keeping a clean parking lot and the sidewalks pressure washed are important, one of the aspects of your building that is rarely seen is actually one of the biggest maintenance needs your property has.

Let’s take a look at the importance of a clean commercial rooftop and why you should hire a commercial roof cleaning professional to help
preserve one of the most prized possessions of your property.

Commercial Roof Cleaning Keeps Your Building Safer

Routine roof maintenance helps guarantee that your building remains a safe place of business. Professional roof cleaning services help prevent the following issues that impact your property’s comfort and safety:

    Mold buildup


    Weakened roof foundation

    Cold drafts

Cleanliness is Great for a Roof’s Shelf-Life

Without effective cleaning, your roof will prematurely deteriorate and cost you thousands in roof repairs or replacement costs.

Keeping your roof clean with a professional commercial cleaning service helps prevent cracks from forming, soft spots, and bumps in your foundation. Your commercial roof should last between 10 and 40 years, extend its life as much as possible with the help of professional cleaning services.

It’s Safer Maintenance for You

Many business owners try to save money by insisting on performing rooftop maintenance on their own. The problem with this decision is that most people who take on this responsibility forget to actually get the work done.

So, by the time they get around to performing maintenance on their roof, they’re literally stepping into a dangerous situation. Parts of a roof may have softened due to moisture or algae has made the rooftop slick.

Without the proper equipment and training that a porter service has, DIY maintenance is a dangerous task. Put your trust in the professionals and save even more money in the long-term.

Roof Cleaning Boosts Your Curb Appeal

As you know, your property’s curb appeal is what makes or breaks a visitor’s first impression. Although your roof may not be the first thing that catches the eye, a clean roof will help ensure that nothing unsightly stands out.

If you fail to have your porter services professionally clean your rooftop, algae, moss, and general grime can start to creep out beyond your roof and begin to spread to the body of your building. This could create major problems for your curb appeal.

Don’t take a chance on the look of your property turning potential customers away. Invest in the experts at Integrity Porter & Services to thoroughly clear off your rooftop grime and keep your property looking beautiful year-round.

A Dirty Roof Costs You Money!

A dirty roof is an energy sinkhole. When you let moisture, dirt, debris, and
moss take over your rooftop it loses the energy-saving functions that it was
engineered to carry out!

Your roof was built to deflect heat and maximize energy efficiency. If you let Mother Nature take over, it just becomes a magnet for the Texas heat and ends up increasing your energy bills to unimaginable levels.

Keep Your Commercial Property
Pristine with Integrity Porter & Services

If you know that it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your roof or even had its cleanliness inspected, now is the perfect time to reach out to Integrity Porter & Services for help.

Our professional porters can schedule a thorough inspection of your rooftop and map out an efficient cleaning schedule that helps you maximize the longevity of your roof.

Make your entire property beautiful today with the help of Integrity Porter & Services. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your roof inspection!



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