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landscaping and Porter Services

Sweeper Truck & Daily Porter Service

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Service is customized to meet the needs of each property. Trucks are clearly marked with our company logo which includes our office contact phone number. Our services are provided by a TEAM consisting of a two-man crew.

The TEAM wears Shirts displaying our company logo and contact information; allowing tenants and customers to easily identify our presence. Being able to identify our TEAM, while on the grounds, has proven to be a strong relationship builder with the tenants; they feel comfortable in reaching out to our TEAM to share any immediate concerns.

Our Integrity Porter & Services TEAM is a second set of eyes to identify needs that need to be immediately brought to the attention of managers.

Make Ready / Vacancy Clean-Up Haul-OFFs

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It may be important for you to know that Integrity Porter and Services is fully insured for your protection and ours.

We are ready and prepared to take care of small clean-ups; white boxing vacancies; and taking care of any haul-off needs.

Window Cleaning

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Integrity Porter & Services understands the importance of curb appeal; storefront windows are a key factor in the appearance. Where there is a need, we are ready to offer this service.




Bird Problem Solutions

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Birds can bring about headaches; unpleasant sites; and unhealthy conditions to customers, tenants, and managers. Our TEAM uses a number of different non-harmful methods to eradicate the problem. Call on us today to take care of this pesky problem!





Ceiling Tile Replacement

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Quite often tenants find themselves in need of replacing ceiling tiles in there stores. Management simply needs to call on us to take care of the replacement. We make sure tiles replaced are an exact match to what is existing in the space.





Graffiti Removal

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Integrity Porter & Services appreciates art, but in its appropriate place. Property owners, at times, must deal with an artist who wishes to express himself on private property. When this occurs, you can count on our TEAM to help remove the unsightly drawings/expressions. We inspect the surface and make sure that the appropriate approach is taken to avoid any damage to the structure.





Water Extraction

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There is no worse experience than having to deal with water floods in your center. When there is a need, call on our TEAM; we use commercial wet vacs which handle most water clean ups. Air movers are available to help dry areas and help prevent mold.




Sign Removal

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We gladly assist our customers when there is a need to remove a store front sign that will not be reused. Removal will include caulking holes left in the area and painting if needed. Call on us to assist you with this need.




Hot Water Pressure Washing

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Over time, parking lots; sidewalks; walls; and dumpster areas can get covered in dirt, grime, gum, and oil. The appearance can be unbecoming to tenants and customers. Our TEAM is ready to help bring back a lustrous look to your properties.

Porous surfaces like brick and concrete are difficult to clean because they trap filth inside tiny openings. To assure the best clean-up job, Integrity Porter and Services has a number of powerful pressure washing machines that provide water temperature of over 200 degrees; producing a clean end result.

If you’re looking for a property maintenance company that offers pressure washing, surface cleaning, parking lot oil stain removal, or any other related service, we can help. Don=t hesitate to call and get a quote today!