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Dallas Porter service

Hot Water Pressure Washing

Dallas Porter service

Over time parking lots, sidewalks, walls, and entry ways can get covered in dirt, grime, and oil. Porous surfaces like brick and concrete are difficult to clean, because they trap filth inside tiny openings. Brushing, sweeping, or even using a garden hose to clean these areas still won’t remove the problem. Fortunately with hot water pressure washing, these stains don’t stand a chance.

Integrity Porter & Services has a “WOW” of a pressure washing machine that is 3500 psi @8 gpm cleaning at over 200 degree water temperature. Gum removal no problem, grease in and around dumpster enclosures no problem we just get with it and the end result is clean, clean, clean.

Schools, churches, apartment complexes, strip malls and other commercial property types are our specialty. If you’re looking for a property maintenance company that offers pressure washing, surface cleaning, parking lot oil stain removal, or any other related service, we can help. Don’t hesitate to call and get a quote today!